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I haven’t really been following it cause I have had the flu lately but from the little I have seen it looks it’s mainly lower rung youth that aren’t terribly Islamic or conservative rioting. This makes some sense to me cause they have a large immigrant community made up largely of sudanese, Ghanans, Palestinians, and so on who take many of the jobs that these people would have gotten. When I was a teen I worked for a summer, my mom made me, at a church refugee camp teaching art to 3-20 yr olds who basically lived in the church because they could be arrested and sent to jail during the round ups the cops would do every 3 or 4 months. The jobs they usually had were like handyman jobs, called boabs(which are guys that live in the car garage under each building who come from the country and they usually have a wife, 8-15 children who all do chores, and are typically more conservative and they do all sorts of little tasks like changing light bulbs or washing the cars on the street every morning) while they wives or the women would work as nannies or babysitters and the only real problem with this is how they were like mexicans here in the south. They took crappy jobs that poorer people could do while paying their way through a trade school, for ex/, because they would do it for half the money.
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